our team

Disseminary was founded in 2016 by Amaury Wenger and Roland Ventura. Together, Roland and Amaury decided to combine their passion for science, communication and design in order to support clients with engaging and effective communication tools. Roland Ventura holds a PhD in molecular biology and has been working in research for over 21 years. He has worked in academia, industry, government institutions, and product development partnerships. Amaury Wenger initially trained in architecture and photography before expanding into graphic and website design. He has designed over 20 websites, logos and organizational identities, and is an award-winning photographer.

Roland Ventura

Roland Ventura

scientific director

Roland Ventura has managed over 40 research projects funded by a diverse range of internal and external entities.

Amaury Wenger

Amaury Wenger

artistic director

Amaury Wenger combines his passion for websites and photography with his love for creating engaging and creative designs.

Our team includes several technical experts, so that we can exactly meet the needs of our clients.

David Börner

Dr. David Börner

Medical practice consultant, he has worked in private medical practices for over 20 years.

Sophia Hünnebeck

Dr. Sophia Hünnebeck

Hospital & dentistry consultant, she has worked in hospitals for over six years and has experience in clinical research.

Simon Spelzhausen

Simon Spelzhausen

Engineering consultant, he is currently completing a PhD and has worked in both academia and industry.